Frequently Asked Questions

Submission Process

Q. How long is SBP’s review process?

A. Queries consisting of synopsis/outline/etc. will usually be responded to within a month. Full manuscripts will take longer to review, but you should hear back within 6 months.

Q. What is involved in the review process?

A. Once we have requested and received a complete manuscript, it will enter into our review process. SBP’s editors will review the manuscript and decide if it meets our publication standards. Once this process is complete, SBP may offer you a publication contract, suggest some changes and ask that the work be re-submitted, or decline to publish your manuscript.

Q. Will I receive feedback from the review process?

A. SBP may or may not, at its sole discretion, share feedback with you arising from the review process. In the case that we do share feedback, we only offer constructive criticism to try and help improve your work. Please remember that criticism is never meant to be taken personally.

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Advances and Royalties

Q. Does Stonebunny Press pay an author advance?

A. No. Unfortunately, as a micro-press, SBP cannot at this time pay advances.

Q. Does Stonebunny Press pay royalties?

A. Yes. SBP pays royalties of 30-50% of net receipts. Royalties are paid on the first of the month (assuming SBP has received payment from our distributors). Please note that books are not considered sold until SBP actually receives payment for said books (some distributors pay for books they sell months later). Royalties will not be paid for books purchased by the author at the author’s discount price.

Q. Will I receive a statement of my Royalties?

A. A royalty statement will be sent to you each time a Royalty payment is made.

Q. How are Royalties paid?

A. Royalties are paid via PayPal.

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Author Fees

Q. Do I have to pay for set up fees to publish my book?

A. No. Stonebunny Press does not require its authors to pay any fees.

Q. Do I have to pay to have my book edited?

A. No. If SBP has offered to publish your book, we will provide editing. Stonebunny Press does not require its authors to pay any fees.

Q. Do I have to pay for the cover artwork?

A. No. SBP will provide artwork for the book cover. Stonebunny Press does not require its authors to pay any fees.

Q. Am I required to buy any extra copies of my book?

A. No. Stonebunny Press does not require its authors to buy any additional copies of their book.

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Author Copies

Q. How much is the author’s discount?

A. SBP’s standard author’s discount is 40% off the cover price. Authors may purchase any quantities of their books for a standard author discount of 40% off the cover price. Royalties will not be paid on any books sold to the author at the author’s discount price. Should the author choose to purchase their books at the retail price, they will receive their standard royalties.

Authors are responsible for all shipping and handling charges for copies they purchase.

Q. Will I receive any free copies of my books?

A. Yes. SBP will provide you with a free copy of your book.

Q. Can I be billed for my copies?

A. No. SBP requires payment in full when copies are ordered.

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Book Design

Q. Does my book have to be edited?

A. Yes, it will need to be edited, for content and/or style. SBP will make no major changes without consulting with the author.

Q. What will my book look like?

A. In general our books are designed as US Trade Paperbacks, measuring 6” x 9”.

Q. Who will design my book cover?

A. Cover design is done in house by SBP staff; however author input will be accepted as part of the design process.

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Book Availability, Promotion and Advertisement

Q. Where will my book be available?

A. SBP’s titles are made available through amazon.com, as well as other sites and locations, and are listed in major bibliographic databases including Ingram. Ingram’s catalogues are distributed to 20,000 bookstores throughout North America and many online booksellers also purchase books through Ingram.

Audio and e-book versions may also be available.

Q. Will my book be placed on bookstore shelves?

A. SBP cannot guarantee that your title will be stocked in brick and mortar stores. However, all bookstores will have the opportunity to order/stock your book through the Ingram catalogue.

According to several studies on book buying trends, more and more people are buying their books online. So even if your book never actually gets selected by a brick and mortar store to be placed on their shelves, the majority of book buyers will have access to your work.

Q. Should I promote and advertise my book?

A. Yes. Though SBP will engage in its own marketing for your book it is always in an author’s best interests to market themselves and their work (no matter what publisher they are using).

Guides to help authors in marketing their works can be found online. Some examples include*:
Marketing Tips for Authors http://blog.marketingtipsforauthors.com/
Marketing for Authors http://marketingforauthors.wordpress.com/
Warren Whitlock’s Best Seller Book Marketing http://www.bestsellerauthors.com/blog/2010/12/11/why-the-best-authors-have-a-mailing-list/
Penguin Authors Guide to Online Marketing http://us.penguingroup.com/static/pdf/misc/penguin_authors_guide_to_online_marketing_summer_2008.pdf
Authors Marketing Group http://www.authorsmarketinggroup.org/
Advice for First Time Book Authors http://www.mikesprouse.com/2011/03/30/advice-for-first-time-author
Book Marketing—What Strategy Authors Ignore http://www.mikesprouse.com/2011/05/05/book-marketing-what-strategy-authors-ignore/
*Links to Blogs and Web sites other than those owned by Stonebunny Press are offered as an aid to Stonebunny Press authors. Stonebunny Press is not responsible for external content.

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Cover Pricing

Q. Who sets the retail price of my book?

A. Stonebunny Press will set the retail price of your book based on various factors, including page count, content and other variables.

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Q. If Stonebunny Press publishes my book, who owns the rights?

A. You own the rights to your book. However, during the period outlined by your contract, SBP has exclusive rights to print, distribute, promote and sell your book. You do not have the right to resell your book during the contract period without express permission from SBP.

Q. Who owns the copyright for my book?

A. You own the copyright for your book. When you wrote your book, you asserted copyright upon that material. If you want to more formally copyright your work, you can get information at the following sites*:
US Copyright http://www.copyright.gov/
Canadian Intellectual Property Office http://www.cipo.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/cipointernet-internetopic.nsf/eng/h_wr00003.html?OpenDocument
(British) Intellectual Property Office http://www.ipo.gov.uk/copy.htm
*Links to Blogs and Web sites other than those owned by Stonebunny Press are offered as an aid to Stonebunny Press authors. Stonebunny Press is not responsible for external content.

Q. Does my book need an ISBN number?

A. Yes. Your book will have an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), supplied by SBP. An ISBN is required for your book to be sold and tracked through online and physical book stores.

Q. If Stonebunny Press publishes my book, can I still publish my book somewhere else?

A. No. During the period outlined in your contract, you have granted SBP exclusive world-wide rights to print, distribute and sell your book for you.

Once your initial contract with us ends, it can be extended, or you can at that point market your book to another publisher.

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